Why Choose dogs-on-tour?

We are a newly established dog walking & dog daycare company started by John Taylor in 2016. Born from our love of all animals we wanted to offer a place where we would want our own dog to go, stay and play.   Throughout my adulthood I have either owned, or spent a great deal of my time around dogs. I love dogs and have a good understanding of how they behave, and the care they require.  I am not a dog trainer, neither am I a behaviorist, I am simply a dog walker and carer. We aim to provide:


  • Exceptional care to our customer’s pets in a conscientious and reliable manner.
  • A friendly, approachable service
  • A fair and ethical service.


Millie is my playful assistant who I have had since a puppy. She is super-friendly with all dogs (especially if they are playfully inclined!) and sometimes accompanies me on the walks.  She usually comes on a new dog's first walk with me to give an idea of how they will get on with other dogs and who they would be best walked with.


At dogs-on-tour we believe we offer the best and most personal and flexible dog walking service possible.  We believe in giving dogs the freedom to be dogs; to sniff and wander and go on adventures, but also in helping them develop engaging relationships with their human counterparts and other dogs. We like to keep things simple and transparent for our customers.


Here’s how we are a little different.


We are Flexible

Offering a flexible service for morning, afternoon and evening walks Monday-Sunday.

Offering a dog day care service to suit your needs.

Offering a Pet Checking & Feeding service to meet your requirement.

All services include an initial consultation for me to meet you and your pet and to discuss your requirements further so I can tailor the service to your needs.


We are Fully Insured

We have fully comprehensive public liablity cover, you can view our certificate of insurance on request. Details of cover are available to all of our customers.


Fully certified in Canine First Aid thanks to Fitzcharles Training Centre Ltd.


We are independent

Not part of a chain or franchise, we can offer our customers a bespoke, reliable and friendly service.  We can discuss your individual requirements to tailor all services.


We take the wellbeing of your pet seriously

Not only are we First Aid trained and carry pet first aid kits at all times, we have taken measures to ensure our services have the wellbeing of your pet at the forefront.  Our van is installed with award winning Lintran Transafe Boxes which have been tried and tested over 15 years and used by the RSPCA.  Designed to keep the pets cool in the summer and warm on those cold winter days.  These boxes are fully washable, have a non-slip body which is very hygienic. A Lintran box secures travelling dogs safely and spring-loaded catches eliminate rattles. Alongside this, our van is fully air conditioned with air circulating electric fan and roof mounted wind driven fan. 


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